Royal Canoe- Today We Are Believers


Artist: Royal Canoe

Album: Today We Are Believers

Label: Nevado Records

Royal Canoe is a six-piece group from Winnipeg racing onto the indie scene with a headlong abandon heard quite readily throughout their album, Today We Are Believers. It is such an explosive and fun album, classifying its genre is a task unto itself. Royal Canoe draws influences from bands like Animal Collective to Battles to Franz Ferdinand so trying to call this kind of music they are making anything but experimental pop/ rock/ funk/ indie is a crime. An album full of anything from strings, to synthesizers, to loud bumping bass, it is the kind of album that could be played anywhere from a dance to a club to a raucous party. Tracks like “Bathtubs” and “Show Me Your Eyes,” both songs that have quick upbeats and things like a saxophone played bass line and jangly guitar, are instantly catchy and easy to learn the melody and chorus so by the second listen singing along is almost hard not to do. Infectious bass lines also permeate each song and they are a combination of walking bass lines and the kind of bass line that just makes a body move. It is a complicated album with intricate parts that take multiple listens to comprehend and it really is an album that ages like fine wine over time. The length of the tracks varies in a nice way too and can be anywhere from three to six and a half minutes long which allows the musicianship and the bands ability to create a catchy chorus to shine in different ways the longer or shorter a song is. An album of fairly unique sound, something that is getting harder and harder to do these days, Today We Are Believers is an excellent change in variety of today’s “normal” music scene.


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