Eli Mardock- Everything Happens For The First Time


Artist: Eli Mardock

Album: Everything Happens for the First Time

Label: Paper Garden Records

Everything Happens For The First Time is a fairly poppy Arcade Fire-esque album with influences clearly ranging from everyone from the Beatles to David Bowie. A clear case of what the genre of “pop-rock” is heading towards, Mardock sings hauntingly over a mixture of guitar distortion and piano driven songs alongside rhythmic drums and moving bass lines. The album has the laid back feel of a summer day guided by Mardock and his flowy voice, and sometimes it truly feels like a long summer day with some tracks approaching the seven minute mark, stretching the already lengthy songs out a bit more. Over all, the album is the perfect amount of chillness and emotion, and is the complete album for any setting from sitting at a park in the shade, watching bees buzz around to staying up late on a winter night watching the fire burn to ashes. Mardock’s voice is very reminiscent of a combination of Zach Condon from Beirut and Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes and he sounds like someone that has been through their own fair share of struggles. Mardock and this album easily could be mentioned the same breath as Dr. Dog, Okkervil River and Spoon as well. It really transcends moods as an album and exemplifies the genre of indie/ alternative almost to the letter.


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