How I Quit Crack- Synchro Studio, May, 2013


What a weird, weird night. It was one of the most hectic and chaotic nights of the summer and it was all topped off with the most droney show I had ever been to. The problems started when I began inviting people to join me and my brother to the show. It was our friend from Portland, Will’s only night in town so I was attempting to really impress him. So I thought, why not, bring him to a nice weird show, make him think Albuquerque has a lot to do. Well as soon as he was invited it was a slippery slope to everyone else I know thinking it would be a great idea to come to a drone show and eventually we were scrambling for rides for everyone. My brother went on a head of us and by the time we had got there he had made friends with the weirdest British guy ever among other things. So we awkwardly stood away from all of the normal Synchro folk.

The acts we saw before the main (How I Quit Crack) were a mixture between pure noise and Daft Punk wannabes. Both were interesting but I really couldn’t get into either because so many of my friends were distracting me and kept tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention. When How I Quit Crack finally went on, I felt weird enough as it was and when the drone started my head just couldn’t take it. I finally began to realize was being droned out truly meant and began to fade in and out of consciousness it seemed. I stopped blinking and my mouth kind of just hung open, a little slack jawed as I swayed back and forth. The real trippy part, was that my friends still insisted on interrupting me so I was going from being in an almost dream state to having to make decisions within milliseconds and it was extremely disorienting.

How I Quit Crack was about as weird as one might imagine. There was a lady sitting in the middle of the room, with neon face paint painted all over her face and clothes with a neon lighted Indian head dress atop her head. She had a voice modulizer she was singing through and she would stay on one note for minutes at a time before she would raise the pitch a little. It was so unlike anything I had ever really experienced and I really felt like I was in a dream with how close I was to falling asleep. The moral of the story though, was that I almost instantly began to calm down from the hectic activity from earlier and now I know, drone music is where to head when I am feeling stressed.

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