Edge Fest- The Journal Pavilion, May 2013 (Minus the Bear, Bad Religion, Cake, others)


Days of music are good, no matter if its hot, if the bands are mediocre at best or even if you have to go without dinner. Basically that was Edge Fest if the Killers hadn’t closed it out and made it one of the most legendary days ever. Even without them though, it was a great day. We originally got seats about 20 rows from the stage and we diligently sat in the sun and watched almost 11 bands like Middle Class Rut, Young Blood Hawk and Shiny Toy Guns play through good, not great sets that would have been hundreds of times better if we had been able to get closer to the stage like we are usually accustomed to at Sunshine. They played some fairly stereotypical rock but luckily each of those bands had a recognizable song that either had seen a fair bit of radio play or had been featured on some sort of soundtrack.

The first band that I was looking forward to was Minus the Bear but sadly, their set was nothing compared to the time we saw them at the Launchpad. They played “My Time” and a lot more off the same album but the energy was hard to recreate and sustain the way they had at Launchpad. I partly blame some of the people sitting around us who appeared frankly kind of annoyed with us for attempting to get into them and while we danced and sang along, we suffered quite a few dirty looks. Either way, it was fun to see Minus the Bear again.

Bad Religion was next and for that one, my brother and Adam had finally acted on a plan we had been hatching for most of the day. Patch had seen one of his “friends” walking in and out of the pit and we noticed that all that was needed to get down there was a bracelet. So we came up with the genius idea to get her to give us the bracelet and slowly work us into the pit. When we asked her, she seemed hesitant at first but within ten minutes she returned with her whole families’ set! So Adam and Patch went in and I went to wait for Emmy. While I did this I headed to the grass for the mosh pit that I was sure would happen once Bad Religion started. And boy did it start. I had never been in such an intimidating pit, simply because people were attempting to mosh on a goddamn hill. Of course as the security tried to get people to move up the hill, gravity would take over and the whole circle would slowly move downwards. I went in for a little but after almost tumbling to my death I decided it would be wiser to hang out on the outskirts and just help the big punks push people back up hill into the circle. It was exhilarating really, having people crashing down the hill towards me with only my little 5’8 frame between them and a broken neck. I did most of the show there and by the time Emmy arrived I was ready to try and sneak down to the pit.

Paranoia was close to bubbling over inside of me as we approached the guy that checked the bracelets down in the pit. I really, really wanted to see the Killers that close up and getting turned away was nothing something I had even allowed myself to think of. We breezed by with no more than a look and by the time we had reached the second checker I was feeling more confident and we passed the second obstacle just as easily. It was then that we realized that my brother had not had such an easy time getting down and in fact the girl that had gotten us in had got called out for not having her wristband. Thanks to some quick thinking from her mom, and a well-crafted lie about a fear of things being wrapped around wrists, everything was cool but my heartbeat rose just a little when I heard this story.

As I started to calm down, Cake began and I was really quite pleased with the show they put on. I really knew very little about them and knew even less of their songs but thanks to how truly weird the lead singer was and how much he liked to interact with the crowd, he taught us almost every chorus making me feel like I had been a fan for life. The live horns were the best part and helped overcome how annoying the lead singer ended up being as he constantly talked to the crowd, taking a lot of time away from the music. Never had I been asked to participated and sing along so much, and at first it was fun but eventually I was just so tired of having to do all the work and began dreaming of the Kil

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