Big Boi- Sunshine theater 2013, May 2013


This concert was easily the biggest test of my will to wait for a good spot at a show and wait a good long time at that. We showed up over 4 hours before Big Boi ever even got close to the stage but through it all, I realized waiting for a show is just a part of the whole experience, and whether I wait 30 minutes or five hours, it makes the final act all the more entertaining for me. On that note, we were some of the few people actually there and Sunshine really never filled up.  I personally felt kind of insulted that not more people were here to see one of the greatest legends of rap. I never realized that Andre 3000 is the more known member of Outkast but when I would brag to people that I was getting to see Big Boi in the flesh, people would look at me incredulously, and when I had to clarify, “You know, Outkast?” they would always reply ohhh the other guy, not Andre.

My outrage quickly turned to joy because when we finally got inside we were rewarded with the best spots I have ever had at a show at Sunshine. We literally were on the rail and when Big Boi finally came out he was maybe five feet away from us. The price we paid for those spots though was over three hours of standing and then standing and being forced to listen to three warm up acts that Big Boi felt the need to allow to perform. The first group was a couple of rappers, with decent flow, decent skill and such bad stage presence it was actually kind of funny, to the point where I might have thought they were doing it on purpose. I was a little annoyed but my friends got into it which slowly brought me out of my stupor and I jumped around with them, making the performance not only more enjoyable, but actually a better performance as the rappers got more and more hyped seeing us get so into it.

The next warm up act was a conglomerate of 10 different rappers who were apparently from a label and they were to put it gently very bad. Their lyrics were so vulgar and bad it caused me to have to bend over and catch my breath from how hard I was laughing. The one line that really stuck with me had something to do with “I wanna fuck, lemme stick it in your butt.” And that is basically the quality of the every song lyrics wise.

By this point I was more than ready for Big Boi to come out but we still had to stick it out through one more act, and this time it wasn’t even rap, it was some weird indie band that had almost no similarities with the genre of rap let alone Big Boi. They were OK too but probably sounded worse because I was so ready to see the man I paid to see. As I said though, the waiting made the real performance all the better.

Big Boi finally took the stage around 11:30, the latest a closer has ever started in my experience at Sunshine and almost at once I was disappointed with the quality of the sound that he was given. Rap shows are really hard to sound good and even though Big Boi had a live band, the sound was a little off. My disappointment did not last long though because as I learned from Big KRIT, southern rappers just know how to perform. Big Boi danced around the stage and spit his famously fast flows all while sipping on Hennessey and dancing like a drunk high schooler but with a million times more swag. “Shutterbug,” “Ms. Jackson,” “Ghetto Musick,” and “So Fresh and So Clean,” were just awesome though. Hearing some of the anthems to my middle school days was great, and seeing Big Boi still having such a good time doing it was even better. Sometimes it was hard to recognize what song he was going to play until the chorus, but when that chorus hit it always hit with such a bang. He even had his own set of twerkers come out and dance for “The Way She Moves” in classic Big Boi fashion. He didn’t play “Bowtie” my personal favorite (even though his hype man “C-Bone” heard me say it) but it didn’t really matter. I was just happy I was able to see one of the most important rappers of my generation.


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