The Flatliners- The Gasworks, June 2013


The idea of punk sometimes pleases me more than the music sometimes. I don’t mean to be rude or condescending or even negative in the slightest, but sometimes punk can get repetitive. But a punk band with attitude, and the right balance of skill and angst can never get old. Seeing the tattoos and the pure emotional angst on the face of the signer as he belts out his problems and sorrows in the harshest noise available to the human body is something that will never get old for me. So as repetitive as some punk can be on album, live punk will forever be one of my favorite kinds of shows to see.

I had seen the Flatliners once before almost two years ago and fell in love with them almost instantly. I knew two songs going into that show and when they played both allowing me to sing along to a band I hardly knew, I instantly became a life long fan. Patch was who dragged me to that show and Patch was who told me about this one and through his guidance steered me through which albums to listen to of theirs. So I felt a lot more prepared for this show.

Sadly I didn’t recognize as many songs as I thought I would but the show was still great. The Gasworks is the perfect place for punk shows and this was no exception. The energy was incredible as the band bounced about screaming their hearts out even though there was no AC and the temperature approached 100 degrees. They were friendly and welcoming to all of the fans and it was just the kind of atmosphere that anyone would be happy to be a part of simply because of the kindness that flowed out of each of the band members.

To add to the night, I finally was able to see my friend Luke’s band the Ill Motion, someone I had been promising for almost 3 months that I would go and see his band but never got the chance or had accidentally missed. They played a very quick set I almost missed this time too as I took Ruben to his car, but I returned just in time to see them power through their last couple of songs with a type of charisma that I was starting to expect and love from all good punk bands. Punk easily is the best music to see live, especially if you have never heard of the band before and this night was no exception.


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