The Casual Friday’s- Launchpad, April 2013


The combination of both local music and ska music has to be the biggest combo breaker out there for me. I enjoy both and supporting both is even more of something I like to do. A band I saw at Warped Tour, The Casual Friday’s from El Paso, was going to be at the Launchpad for like eight bucks so Patch ended up convincing me to head down there to check it out.

It was awesome to see a band grow from the year ago that we had seen them. Their licks were tight and they had everything one needs to succeed in ska and not to mention they had the right amount of quirkiness to make them noticeable. The opening bands before them were frankly awful, nothing really spectacular about their music, nor their stage presence, but the Casual Friday’s had “it.” However “it” wants to be defined, whether it is confidence, cockiness, or skill or even a combination of all three, the Casual Friday’s had it. I find it so fascinating, to know that a fairly local band (they are from El Paso) has the potential to make it big, when so many other groups from around here never seem to. What it essentially comes down to is in my opinion, how good the stage presence of the group is.  If the crowd cannot be engaged, then the band really has no hope to ever get across what could actually be decent music. The Casual Fridays had my attention the whole show and I just kept thinking to myself how impressive it was that they were already beginning to tour to cities right out of high school. Ambition and skill mean everything when it comes to making it big and in my opinion, the Casual Fridays have all of that.


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