Band of Horses- Sunshine Theater April 2013


As much as I try to know as much about each and every band I see live, sometimes I can’t do enough homework before I end up at the show. With the Band of Horses show, I hardly had any time at all. In fact, I didn’t even think I would be going to the show until about an hour and a half before it was to start, when I fell into the most beautiful fortune of having a friend who couldn’t go sell me her tickets. I had found out that morning that it was sold out and I was still kicking myself for letting tickets get out of my grasp. As soon as I found out it was sold out, I instantly wanted to go 10 times more than before and as soon as I got those tickets out of the blue, my excitement was exponentially higher than what it was days before.

Walking into Sunshine that night, I knew I was in for a much different experience than the last time I had been there. Only five days before I had seen Tyler the Creator and had my mind and body damaged almost beyond repair. Hearing Band of Horses was like stepping into a steaming bath after a long week and was as therapeutic as any amount of chicken noodle soup for someone with the flu. The music was joyous, peaceful and full of love and hope. The crowd accepted and returned all the emotions the band was exuding and just created such a feeling of bliss that hung over the crowd. Personally, I am just another bandwagon fan, only truly knowing “The Funeral” or as most people know it, “The Prayer” which is Kid Cudi’s version of the song but that mattered little to the crowd or band, as everyone was so enraptured by the music.

This concert really helped instill the realization that concerts are just as fun even when you don’t know all the lyrics to the songs. I had a great time listening to such an energetic band playing great, classic hipster music. The Band of Horses lead singer was such a cool dude, wearing what appeared to be either an Adidas or Illuminati hat that eventually had to come off because he got so sweaty. His voice was where the real magic is though, and anyone that has listened to any Band of Horses music knows that falsetto is pure magnificence. Vocals and lyrics can make or break a band, and in all honesty, the energy and emotion achieved by Ben Bridwell is awesome. Sometimes at shows I can feel awkward not knowing any lyrics but I never felt that at this one. As pretentious as hipsters can be, for some reason they passed no judgment on my lack of Band of Horses knowledge and allowed me to learn as much as I could from the show.

Each concert I go to now, I try and take a break from the music and absorb the feelings and emotions around me and one of the more entertaining things of the night was to engage in people watching.  I couldn’t help but notice that there were A LOT of hipsters and I felt like I had never seen a single one of them before. I have always wondered where Albuquerque’s hipster population hides and so far my only clues as to how to find them are to have a concert and they shall come. What I didn’t anticipate was the happiest Mexicans I have ever seen showing up and knowing all the words to every song played. They stood right smack dab in front of me and jumped up and down constantly. It felt like Christmas with the way they hugged and kissed each other. I just couldn’t keep the smile off of my face as I watched them frolic about listening to what appeared to be their favorite band.

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, from raucous metal, to disturbing rap to peaceful indie music. It was simply nice to be on a date with someone I care deeply about, listening to music that has little meaning, but also has zero negativity associated with it. Band of Horses is the perfect band to look for simplicity in their music yet with just as much skill and precision as any other kind of band. Contrast is what I really am trying to achieve in my musical endeavors these days and this concert really helped me along that path to keeping the most open mind I can about all kinds of music.


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