LONG.LIVE.A$AP- A$AP ROCKY           3.4

Singles are both a blessing and a curse. A good single can achieve a lot of things including hype, excitement and above all love for an album. Make too good of a single though and that album becomes weighed down like a sinking ship; hardly able to support the single that has so much presence that it overshadows the rest of the tracks on that album. LONG.LIVE.A$AP is a perfect example of that phenomenon. “Goldie” is one of the strongest tracks that came out in 2012 and with it being the leading single for this album, a lot of built up hype and anticipation surrounding the track was transferred to what A$AP Rocky was going to come up with next. An album of “Goldie’s” would have been quite all right with a lot of fans, but Rocky chose to go a different direction and that had its perks as well as many flaws.

For starters, a lot of the tracks on this album are lethargic and almost lazy sounding. While “Goldie” is upbeat and full of energy, tracks like “Pain” and “Suddenly” seem to drag on and on, going nowhere, and not really show casing the rapping ability that Rocky has become so known for. Gone were the hard hitting and dark sounding Clams Casino tracks (there were only two, “LVL” and “Hell”) and in came tracks that just appeared unnecessary.

Its hard to ignore songs like “Fuckin’ Problems” and “Goldie” though. They hit hard, they are perfect to bump while speeding down the high way and are more than perfect to hype up a party. The bass booms, the trap like beats are there and the mindless themes of, gold, bitches, gold bitches and everything in between are all there. Adding in the high profile features (any song featuring 2 Chainz is bound to go platinum) and the classic recipe for a good rap song is achieved in full.

Its especially hard to ignore the track “1 Train” simply because A$AP Rocky was able to gather some of the best young rappers in the game to all be on one track. Any song that can boast the line up of Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Action Bronson, Danny Brown and Joey Bad A$$ (lets be honest, why is Yelawolf on this song) is a song worth listening too. Sadly, this track doesn’t have the kind of chorus or hook that one would expect, but its fun hearing all of these different rap styles all under one song.

Maybe the most impressive but annoying part of this album is “Wild For The Night.” What has otherwise become known as that Skrillex song, A$AP Rocky tries something fairly ballsy in attempting to rap over a straight dubstep song. On the first few listens, no on the first 10 listens, this song sounds chaotic and wrong on so many levels. Then around listen number 11, it starts to become clear that not every rapper could do what Rocky just did. His skill with rhymes and his bravado that permeates every song he appears on is perfect for a dubstep beat, and as annoying as it is that he features Skrillex, no other rapper could do it as good as Rocky.

The rest of the album really did nothing out of the ordinary. Having an album of bangers is hard to do no doubt, but only having two followed by a lot of sluggish and slow songs really brings down the feel of the whole album. Rocky really should have stuck with the formula for his hard hitting tracks, because his songs really are nothing special without those blasting beats when all he is talking about is girls and weed. His flow is still there though, and his cocky attitude that makes A$AP Rocky, A$AP Rocky seeps into even the slowest songs, so at least he is trying to make up for any fatal flaws that may shine through.

Overall, A$AP Rocky is kind of the epitome of what rap is today. Not much of a message, but with songs that can make anyone get turnt up, he is really doing the job that society has given to the genre of hip-hop.  Even though this album is nothing special, it will continue to get playtime and many, many different kinds of people will listen to it through out this year. Rap and hip-hop artists have never ever really been held to a strict standard of being politically correct, let alone having messages that kids should be hearing. A$AP Rocky is just sticking to what the rap game knows best and he really should not be judged for being capable of making hard enough hitting songs that his hilarious yet not so serious message can be overlooked. Rap is in need of a lot revamping and remodeling in what it stands for socially, but A$AP Rocky is not that savior. He is just that guy making party songs and knowing he will be on the radio until he dies. Well, as long as 2 Chainz still makes appearances.


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