40. Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors- Big Boi


Growth is always important for recording artists to have success, whether they need to impress a record label or a picky fan base. If they stay the same old band, after awhile they will begin to lose fans because there is really no new reason to listen to the bands new music. Big Boi embraced this way of thinking dramatically with his new release.  He has strayed away from his funk and soul infused hip-hop roots and moved more towards an indie, hip, and electronic feel. I mean, for god sake he features Little Dragon and Wavves! Now I have read reviews and heard complaints that Big Boi has finally gone too far with his attempt to change up his musicality. I believe the opposite. I think it was insanely refreshing to hear Big Boi rapping over basically a Wavves track yet still hear some of raps biggest names throw down verses (See A$AP Rocky and Killer Mike). There really is no combination in the rap game that is like this and the fact Big Boi had the guts and intelligence to attempt an indie rock/rap album is extremely impressive. On top of that, it’s actually a good album. The beats are new and enjoyable and one can never go wrong with a track Big Boi is rapping over. Especially when he is featuring such stars as Kid Cudi and TI as well. So moral of this review is, Big Boi can basically do whatever he wants and chances are his genius will prevail even over the most courageous projects.


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