Honorable Mention: Trap House Rock- Kids These Days


Hip-hop and horn licks. Rapping and moshing. Ain’t nothing better. Especially when the group doing all of that is a bunch of young kids, full of life and energy. Kids These Days are a sweet band from Chicago that blew up this summer and I am proud to say I was on them just before the start of their increase in popularity. Nico Segal and Vic Mensa lead a star-studded cast that includes a trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar, bass, drummer and even a female vocalist making some of the rawest music of the year. The mixture of the blues influences that are the basis of everything they do and the hip hop beats and the ska horn parts fit together really nicely. So nicely that Jeff Tweedy of Wilco decided to produce their album. Trap House Rock really is just an exciting album full of exciting ideas that are actually being executed well for once. The idea to combine rock and rap has always been at the forefront of many musicians’ minds, and Kids These Days actually follows through with this idea and makes a memorable album.

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