Honorable Mention: The Hobo’s Lament- Larry and His Flask


One of the best concerts I saw all year and possibly in my whole life was Larry and His Flask. I have already written about my experiences seeing them live and how life changing an experience that was, now is the time to fine-tune my discussion on their musicality. Because as fun as they were to see live, it would not nearly have been the experience if they weren’t as good as musicians as they are. The kind of music they play falls under the expansive category of bluegrass/punk/ska/rock with just a hint of country. A wonderful combination, the true beauty behind their music comes from the rare horn licks that permeate each song. There is no better combo than a trombone/ trumpet duo and Andrew Carew and Kirk Skatvold are both very skilled players. Another fun part about the band, and Hobo’s Lament in particular, is the banjo playing by Carew. I do not listen to enough banjo music and having the constant jangle of the banjo in every song, even the more punk songs, is a very refreshing sound. Music should always be fun, and Larry and His Flask embody that sentiment to the fullest.

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