Honorable Mention: III- Crystal Castles


I have never been the hugest Crystal Castles fan, or even a half way interested one at that. “Crime Wave” was always my song though so I kept an undying respect for them buried in my soul that I never really tried to access. Until III came out that is. I really tried my hardest to appreciate what Crystal Castles was about. The unintelligible vocals, the chaotic, electronic sounds and the dark, heavy, obviously Burial influenced sound really have yet to speak to me, even after listening somewhat intently to III. What did speak to me was the ability for such a bizarre sounding and frenzied kind of music to be so popular. From where I was listening, I did not notice much of what I consider that fits into pop culture music, yet Crystal Castles is fairly accepted nonetheless. That impresses me to no end, and as I gave III another listen, it kind of caught hold of my consciousness and rooted in there, as if to always remind me the mass music listening populace can get something’s right on the rare occasion, and the hyperactive sound of Crystal Castles is one of those things.


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