38. Be Strong- The 2 Bears


Wo was the fist thing that came to mind when I heard Be Strong. To describe it as a dance, party, club anthem that sometimes goes into an instrumental, piano driven theme just scratches the surface of what is going musically. It starts with some of the most creative vocal warping and combinations between electronic music and British accents that I have ever heard. Then, catchy club beats are added with a hint of spices, i.e. Congo drums, captivating piano melodies, horn melodies and falsetto female vocalists reiterating the choruses. It’s the most fun album of the year: there is no question. This album could be played in any club with any demographic of people and people would get down. The beats are up-tempo and golden, and the addition of vocals makes the tracks a million times better than normal electronic music. My favorite part of this album, and the true ingredient to success is the variation in the songs. Most electronic/dance albums all sound the same. Yet on this album every track has an identity that makes them all unique in a little way, making the replay value extremely high. The closer, “Church,” is an accumulation of everything great about this album. It has the dance anthemy parts, it has a Jamaican like beat and the beginning could be straight out of a Disney movie with how happy it is. This album is just so creative and so out there, there was no possible way it was not going to make it on this list.


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