50. Money Store- Death Grips


There has been a lot of talk about the big three this year (good kid M.A.A.D. city, channel ORANGE, and The Idler Wheel…) being on every single list. But I think Money Store was on every single list as well, just in a variance of places and with varying degrees of success.  It was basically a fashion statement of sorts to see where the big three and Money Store made a list. So as my first fashion statement of my list, I put Death Grips at number 50, not because I hate it or because I honestly think I have 49 better albums than it, I just want to show that I don’t think I fully comprehend what is going on with the album. It’s a ferocious album, it’s a beautiful album and most of all it is a complex album that takes a lot to get to know. Regretfully I never did the work that this album really needs to fully understand what is going on and I feel guilty putting it in my top 10 where it really probably should belong simply because I do not know it well enough. I am all about uniqueness and Death Grips sure as hell is unique. So shout out to Money Store, shout out to No Love Deep Web and shout out to Death Grips and their insane music, I swear that I will learn to love these albums to the full extent they need in the future.

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