48. No Idols- Domo Genesis


I have too much respect for Odd Future for them not to get a decent amount of love on my end of the year list. Domo is the most consistent (yes he is the most CONSISTENT, not the best, not the coolest, not even the most creative, but he has not disappointed me yet with three very quality releases) and understands how to make a good mixtape. Domo is the kind of rapper you can bump anywhere, and people will enjoy him even if they are so acclaimed “Odd Future haters.” The one difference between this mixtape is that Alchemist worked extensively with Domo and really helps highlight the growth of Domo as a rapper with some very good beats for him to go over. All the beats have all the qualities needed for any rapper to be able to go off on. There are the obvious hip-hop influences, there are some jazz influences, the list goes on. The variance between what is going on each track is impressive when it comes to production and really helps show the growth that Odd Future and Domo Genesis in particular are having. From aggressive beats that Domo flows faster over, to slowed down songs with a more melodic approach from Domo, he is becoming a rapper that may one day be capable of hanging with the big boys. But for now, his music is enjoyable and I respect him immensely.


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