44. A Thing Called The Divine Fits- The Divine Fits


Britt Daniel is one of the most underappreciated musicians of this era. His work with Spoon is immeasurable when it comes to the indie rock scene and many of those Spoon albums were almost instant classics for me. The Divine Fits are a definite step in a different direction than what he had going for himself in Spoon, but it’s a step that I think is not only enjoyable, but also wise. Daniel has always been careful not to recreate too many sounds over and over on his records, and the Divine Fits is a perfect way to go as a sign of growth. Its as if an electronic beat maker was added to Spoon and was allowed free reign to what the music was going to sound like and left the lyrics and singing up to Daniel. It’s an interesting concept for someone like Daniel who basically did everything for Spoon, but that’s what happens when there is a super group created (Dan Boekner from Wolf Parade is the other main part of the band). The group still uses a lot of guitar based rock but there is definite electronic influences that make it seem like a fresh look at Spoon. I enjoy Britt Daniel’s work too much for it not to land on this list, but I feel like even if Spoon was not one of my favorite bands of all time, this album still has merit. An old rocker trying new tricks is always worth a listen or two.


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