43. Local Business- Titus Andronicus


Lets be honest, there was no way I was going to be able to leave a Titus Andronicus release off of my list. At first I tried. I tried hard. I avoided re listening to it and I tried not to even look at the title as I shuffled through my notes of albums released this year. I just kept returning to it again and again and realizing one more listen was in order. When I threw it down again, I knew. I knew that Titus Andronicus is just too good of a band not to make a quality album and Local Business is no different. Patrick Stickles still has the rawest voice of any rock band coming out with music right now, and the band is still a group of very skilled musicians that have all mastered their individual instruments. Their rock ballads are still there and their catchy choruses still get me singing along, no matter where I am when I am listening to them. So I guess the only complaint I might have is that they really changed nothing from The Monitor or The Airing of Grievances. But when I sat down and thought about it, there really is not much I would want them to change. Titus Andronicus is whom I turn to when I just want a long, loud, rock filled song to vibrate my brain with the pounding of the bass drum and electric guitar sound that they have so masterfully accomplished on all of their releases. I turn to Titus Andronicus when I want to have something to listen for a long road trip so I can keep my mind on the task at hand. They focus me and excite me at the same time, and I think deep down I didn’t want them to change, so I was wary of their latest release in the hopes that it would still be the same old band I had grown to love. One day I am sure I will want something a little bit more, and honestly, there are slower tracks that have a different emotion and feeling than before. And if that is the way they are heading then so be it. Just as long as they can still rock the fuck out when I need them to.


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