41. Duality- Captain Murphy


Every year needs a great mystery or controversy. Flying Lotus brought it upon himself to create at least the mystery of 2012 when Captain Murphy appeared on the rap scene. He took a good while to admit who it was behind the new rapper, but people played along and enjoyed the secrecy because the music was so good. Flying Lotus or Steven Ellison, is an absolutely amazing producer. It turns out he can rap too. He has a voice similar to Tyler the Creators, and a flow that I think one day could be compared to Common or someone almost as good. He appears to have been rapping a good long while before he released this mixtape and it makes the release all the more impressive. Obviously this mixtape can’t be talked about without bringing up the production. It’s about as close as the world will probably ever come to hearing what it would be like for a rapper to go over any of Flylo’s earlier work, which is kind of awesome if you think about it. There are the jazz influences, the hip hop beats, weird back stories about cults and mind control; basically anything and everything Flying Lotus is an expert with. He really knows how to put his distinct feel on an album and when that’s added to a more than decent rapper’s skill. Well. Then there is cause for celebration in the form of this album.


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