39. Centipede HZ- Animal Collective


Please do not judge me, but this is the first Animal Collective album I have truly gotten into and listened to multiple times. If you are going to judge me for that bit of info, don’t worry; I will be dedicating a good month of 2013 to learning as much as I can about Animal Collective and what they mean to music history. For now, Centipede HZ is what I know and I like it. It has such a chaotic sound that I can feel and picture the energy that the band must have creating such sounds. It is a fun album, but the kind of fun I imagine that one would have while doing seven different kinds of drugs all at once. There are just so many different sounds and frequencies happening that it takes many, many listens to understand what is really going on. “Todays Supernatural” was almost one of my songs of the year because of how outrageous it is. It is garish and blaring, but there is a distinct melody that that can be sang along to. Not to mention Avery Tare’s constant “Oh letletletletletlet me go,” that is the chorus of the song is so electrifying and when it is mashed together with the erratic drum beat and ambient noises that permeate the background it makes for a tantalizing track. It’s a the kind of album you let out a loooooong sigh when it is done because of how long you have been holding your breath, waiting to see what Animal Collective would come up with next. Because on this album, there is no lack of surprises and that is one of the real reasons it’s a great album.


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