36. Pacific Standard Time- Poolside


“Harvest Moon” is a great track. A Neil Young track yes, but when its covered by the most chill, cool, beachy, band someone would only truly listen to lounging by a poolside, it gets even better. The minute I heard Poolside’s cover of “Harvest Moon” I knew I was in for the long haul. The guitar playing just gives off the chilliest vibes (count how many times I say chill in this review, its going to be a lot) and the soft, delicate vocals compliment the whole feel of chillness that is created by the song and album in general. Poolside creates the kind of music that you just have to nod you head to, slowly but surely, and get your groove on. This is what mood music is and the mood that is created can really only be described as chillaxing. Music like this just isn’t in the spotlight of the media today, but I really don’t understand why not. There is just such a groove that the listener and band get into with each other without even knowing one and other. The bass playing is just so damn… chill… that there is no way around not dancing when Poolside is on. This is not the dance anthem of the year, but it certainly could be the people’s album of the year. An album that everyone could/would/ should love if they gave it the chance. I don’t think I can think of any other album that came out this year like it. This is an album of the people, for the people and shoot, by the people because it really feels like the guys of Poolside are just regular, average Joe’s. I mean, who else but good ol’ classic guys could come up with a sound so chill?


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