35. Lonerism- Tame Impala


John Lennon reincarnated is the only way I know how to describe Tame Impala to fellow music lovers who have never had the privilege of hearing this awesome band. I mean there really is no other way to put it. His soulful falsetto just brings up images of “Imagine” or “Let It Be.” Luckily, that’s not all this band is. They have quite a bit of psychedelic influences, with their spacey sounding synth sounds, and their guitar sound grounded in feedback and riffs reminiscent of the 60’s. All and all though, as good as the band is and as interesting as it is to hear such a John Lennon sound alike, Tame Impala really isn’t doing anything outrageously new. That is one reason I am curious why they have gotten such a ridiculously amount of love this year. Not to hate, or even say I do not really enjoy Lonersim, I just sometimes wonder if reviewers just wish John Lennon were still with us, and to show that they give Tame Impala a respect they may not really deserve yet. Other than that though, the album and band as a whole really have a grand sound that make it an enjoyable listen time and time again. As the messy but beautiful chords wash over the listener, lucid dreams seem to come alive and Tame Impala successfully transports any listener to someplace beyond this world.


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