33. There’s No Leaving Now-The Tallest Man On Earth


Most bands or artists that have a distinct formula for creating music have about three albums of that style before they need to begin to grow and morph into something more in order to keep the fan base they have gained. At least that’s what I believe, an idea passed on to me by one of my friends.  Kristian Matsson is at this point, which means There’s No Leaving Now is his last album that’s going to be amazing before he needs to start showing some sort of growth. Which is not to say that this album is not magnificent. His recipe of acoustic guitar playing with crooning extremely similar to a young Bob Dylan is something I fell in love with two years ago when I heard The Wild Hunt. Matsson’s music creates such an inner peace inside of me and There’s No Leaving Now is just a beautiful continuation of his earlier work. This album has a special connection to me though; the first time I heard it, I was driving through Chicago in the rain, marveling at one of the coolest cities I have ever been to. I can still picture the raindrops dripping down the window of the car I was in and I can see the huge buildings that surrounded me. The Tallest Man On Earth will always have a special spot in my heart and There’s No Leaving Now is no exception.


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