2012 would not have been the same if trap music had not become so goddamn popular this year. TNGHT is the best example I know of that exemplifies the genre and everything it stands for. TNGHT has LOUD bass, that constant high hat and snare beating and best of all, the energy to get people hyped and turnt up and anything like that. Some of my craziest moments of 2012 were how insane I got while dancing to the funky beats that TNGHT creates. They represent the energy and ability to get overly excited about something and that giddiness that is created by trap music was a fairly big theme of the year for me. It’s only 5 tracks, but they are 5 tracks of pure gold that make any listener hungry with anticipation for whatever they plan on coming out with next. I would highly recommend trying this band and genre out if you haven’t already, simply because trap music was such a big part of 2012, and TNGHT created a masterpiece of an album showcasing the beauties of trap.


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