31. The Ghost Sonata- Coin Locker Kid


As this year has gone on, an un godly amount of rap has been released. A lot of it good. A lot of it bad. The real issue though, is that my rap intake increased even more than last year, where it seemed like every other album I put on had something to do with the hip-hop genre. So as this year came to a close, I finally took a hard look at the music I listened to, and tried my hardest to not have half of my albums of the year be rap. I didn’t have to think hard about putting The Ghost Sonata on my list though. The coolest and most experimental hip-hop I have ever heard, Coin locker kid is really doing something amazing. Its rap. But it isn’t. Its going to be rough to describe what is really going on in his music. It’s a blend of Burial and Shabazz Palaces and Nujabes and Flying Lotus and the cool thing, is that’s just what the beats sound like. The rapping is reminiscent of Earl in the almost lethargic way Coin locker kid articulates his words. When it is all added together, hip-hop is usually the last type of genre that comes to mind. Its electronic and ambient and has just so many untried and untested ways of putting different genres of music together. I am not one to fall so hard for experimental music, but Coin locker kid stole my heart, and if anyone is interested in becoming a little more enlightened, The Ghost Sonata is the way to go.


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