30. Blunderbuss- Jack White


Jack White is my hero. I have no absolutely no shame in that statement and I will die with the memory of seeing him live with Dead Weather as one of my fondest. I own every White Stripes album and have listened to them all extensively. I bought every Dead Weather album ever released and of course, I stayed true to my hero and purchased both Raconteurs albums. With his first solo work, I knew I could not be disappointed, and I wasn’t. Blunderbuss is pure Jack White with blues and rock twisting and meshing through his soulful voice that seems to always be asking for more, no matter what. But I think what was so great about this album was the proof of his growth as an artist. From his days with the White Stripes where it was just Meg, him, and the blues, to his days with Dead Weather which got admittedly a little weird like all things that are touched by Alison Mosshart, Jack White has slowly but surely grown from the young punk that thrashed around with his sister/ex-wife. Blunderbuss just has the best combination of his old, bluesy self, and his new, more mature self, set on following through with real production. There are strings, there are pianos, and there are more instruments than the simple guitar/drum tracks from his earlier days. I just love watching my hero grow from his youngin’ days to now, as he keeps everything necessary for him to still be Jack White, but has gained enough to create even more of a bad ass of himself.


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