29. An Awesome Wave- alt- J


I think my biggest draw to alt-J is that every time I listen to An Awesome Wave I spend the majority of the time tearing out my hair trying to figure out who they remind me of. The first time I ever heard an alt-J song, my friend warned me it was not Adam Sandler crooning the vocals. But the next time I gave them a try, I found myself picturing a combination of Kings of Leon and the Fratellis. Today, I finally realized they most remind me of TV On the Radio. I am not saying that alt-J’s sound is a rip off that they have taken from many of my favorite bands, more of what I am saying is that they incorporate many, many different styles and influences into their music which honestly creates one of the most interesting listens of the year. That wail of Joe Newman has just the right amount of a soulful vibrato and ferocious punk whine to keep any kind of rock/punk/alternative/indie fan interested, which is quite the accomplishment. They go from having rocking songs like “Matilda” to the closer,  “Hand-Made,” which is a soft, acoustic ballad meant to gently let down the listener from a ride of different sounds that is An Awesome Wave. There are Scottish influences on “Taro” and the golden track “Breezblocks” is an anthem for indie rockers everywhere. Really just a gathering of sounds, backed by the most familiar voice that I will never know is what An Awesome Wave is and I look forward to future works from this inventive but already recognizable band.


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