26. People Hear What They Want To See- Oddisee


This has to be the most talent gone unnoticed in a rapper since. Shoot. Since Kendrick Lamar. Like a throw back to A Tribe Called Quest, Oddisee is amazing in every area that is needed to be a successful rapper with a beautiful, smooth flow, creative, jazzy beats and a message that actually means something. There is no better feeling than finding out about a new rapper that is doing great things and Oddisee is that find of the year for me. You can bump People Hear What They See either with your friends driving down the highway, or by yourself if a wise message is needed. “American Greed” is a perfect example of Oddisee’s intelligence as he discusses America’s problems, including racism towards the Arabic culture and the capitalistic greed that haunts our society. Obviously that’s not a track to listen to with your friends, so he supplies plenty of fun tracks too, like “Ready To Rock,” the albums opener that is a quick paced song with one of the fastest raps of the year meant to hype the listener up and get them ready for the album. Oddisee is definitely one of my most favorite finds of the year, and is proof I should listen to my friends when they tell me to check music.


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