25. The Man With The Iron Fists- RZA


Am I the only person unbelievably excited about the RZA doing something new? When I heard he was doing his own Kung- Fu movie I instantly knew he would out do himself. Not only because he loves Japan more than the Japanese themselves (maybe not, but its close) but also because he just announced that Wu- Tang would be releasing something soon as well, so this clearly is the warm up. Now, this album is no 36 Chambers but the RZA went all out on gathering almost every single rapper in the game worth anything. From Kanye to Talib Kweli to Danny Brown to the Flatbush Zombies, the RZA got the talent he needed for a great collaboration album. What I think truly sold me on this album though, is that Kanye track. “White Dress” is a total throw back to College Dropout and is so soulful and majestic, it gives hope that Kanye may have some old style tracks up his sleeve. “White Dress” was the first track I heard off the soundtrack so I didn’t know what to really expect from the rest of it. I was pleasantly surprised with everything though. Danny Brown has an absolute killer verse on “Tick Tock,” Wu- Tang members abound everywhere on the album and what I especially liked was the mixture of rock and funk influenced beats and production. “Rivers of Blood,” a straight Wu-Tang track, has an incredible horn part that has the most biting trombone I have ever heard with a heavy bass line straight out of a heavy metal song. The whole song just oozes and berates the listener, full of heavy commotion on the chorus of the sounds of a hammer and anvil hitting each other. It’s a sound that I have never heard before and I expected nothing less from probably the biggest genius in rap production, the RZA.


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