24. The Heist- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


An album of singles is the only way I would describe The Heist. And that’s not to be negative or condescending. Ben Haggerty and Ryan Lewis simply are phenomenal at creating the catchiest of songs. It’s the only way an almost unknown, underground rapper went from the being that guy who wrote “And We Danced” to being that guy who had the number two album on Billboard’s top 200 and the number one album on iTunes top album list during The Heist’s debut week. If that is not impressive for an ex- drug addict who was more known for his comedic efforts on his songs (see “American”) than for his ability to write meaningful and significant pieces of work, then I don’t know what is. Haggerty and Lewis not only produce some of the most memorable tracks, but they are memorable for reasons asides from the fact that they are so radio friendly. Their tracks actually have meaning behind them. For instance, “Wings,” talks about the extremely capitalistic nature of America, specifically the obsession with buying different kind of shoes. Few, if any rappers in the game delve into subjects like that and Macklemore includes such issues as gay marriage, drug addiction and rehabilitation in some of his songs. It’s incredible to find a rap album that can be serious yet catchy enough to end up on the radio. Granted some tracks on The Heist are not memorable enough for me to remember how they sound even after my fourth listen of the whole album, yet the tracks I do remember I could listen to on the daily and not get tired. Lets all be honest, everyone knows “Thrift Shop” and everyone can get down to it. But there is absolutely no denying how powerful tracks like “Same Love” and “Wings” are. Combining the hits and the duds really balance each other out to create truly a fairly deep and extremely enjoyable album.


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