22. Port of Morrow- The Shins


People really, really, really hate James Mercer and everything he has done since he created the “new” Shins. I on the other hand have an opposite feeling of pure joy every time I listen to something post Wincing the Night Away. His Broken Bells project is one of my favorite albums of all time, and honestly, Port of Morrow could one day be seen as just as good of an album as the first three, it just may need a little more time. It has the classic Shins elements that are needed; James Mercer’s voice (obviously), the jangly guitar and elusive sounding music that the Shins were always so famous for. With Port of Morrow though, there is an added element that was not there before. It is a little bit more complicated and just a tad bit darker. The production includes more than just the classic sounding guitar and drums tracks that earlier Shins albums had and I think some people are angry James Mercer strayed from the formula that worked so well before. Really though, the addition of horn parts and vibraphone and piano melodies makes this album have an added sense of excitement that I think was lacking on earlier records. James Mercer has moved on from where he was five years ago and I don’t see why he can’t do something a little bit different. He has grown in these past five years and as much as people miss the nostalgia of the old Shins, I am nothing more than pleased, no, I am almost ecstatic with the new direction of James Mercer and all of his side projects and I am beyond excitement for his next release. Truthfully, I like this album because James Mercer’s name is attached to it and his work is what I am hearing. Whether he had the Shins attached to it too wouldn’t matter because he is the true genius and his musicality is what I am all about.


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