21. Cancer For Cure- El-P


Damn, Killer Mike and El-P together released two of the hardest hitting rap albums I have ever heard. Cancer for Cure especially has such a punk feel to it even though it is most certainty a hip-hop album. The hard hitting beats are powerful and the strength and almost anger in El-P’s voice sounds like it could be going over a crashing guitar rhythm. Instead he chooses to use his talents on electronic, bass heavy hip-hop beats and I think it’s a wise choice in the long run. There are a lot of punk bands out there and in the rap game, there are very few people similar to El-P and his extremely aggressive style of rapping. His voice, like Aesop Rock’s, is very distinct. Low in pitch, but high in emotion, he is also an exceptionally articulate artist, pronouncing his words with precision and authority. He has just enough percussion in his voice to emphasize the right words to make his raps hit that much stronger. Not to mention the computerized explosive sounds that permeate most of the songs add flavor to his already fairly unique style and listening to him becomes that much more enjoyable. A constant theme in this list has been my attempt to try and honor unique and creative artists and El-P falls into that category quite easily. He is another artist that I will dedicate a good portion of 2013 going back and listening to his past work, because I was thoroughly impressed with Cancer For Cure and the raw skill El-P possesses.


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