19. Sorrow and Extinction- Pallbearer


OK. So I have a confession to make. I, Joe DeBonis, have recently been taken under the influence of metal and become… wait for it… A metal head! Now as preposterous as this sounds and probably as pretentious as this sounds, I truly have fallen in love with metal because of this year. Never before has the weight and power of the genre really touched me like it has this year. I’m not sure what changed really, but something inside of me now accepts the pure noise and power that can be created through the genre of metal. Sorrow and Extinction was one of those eye openers. Rarely do I find a reason to use the word “grandiose” when describing music, but the measured, paced out music that just imitates from the full guitar sound Pallbearer is so good at creating really isn’t unhurried at all, but grand sounding. It’s the kind of thing that should be played for Norse Gods and for battles of epic proportion. The album artwork alone, with a white grim reaper on a far away planet, creates images of heroics and stories worth retelling again and again.  When the band isn’t blowing away their listeners though, they have some simply beautiful acoustic breakdowns that remind the listener how peaceful things can be, but as soon as he listener is entranced, the metal returns better than ever. Maybe I just didn’t realize the kind of emotion metal could invoke before this year, but listening to Sorrow and Extinction really just awakens an urge in me to grow my beard for 5 years, grow my hair out and head bang for eternity.


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