6. Celebration Rock- The Japandroids


There will and always be a rock anthem for every year. Ever since the genre came into being in the 50’s, rock has infiltrated society and as hard as the music society tries to digress from the genre, it always finds its way back. Celebration Rock is this year’s rock anthem. It connects generations and spans gaps that would otherwise only be jumped by bands like the Beatles. And they did this all with a simple formula of what simply can be described as a “rockin’ good time.” The whole album hits with the feeling of years of emotion but still with the newness of 2012. It’s hard to describe what keeps it grounded in 2012, because the older influences are all but obvious. The rockin’ guitar is straight from Led Zeppelin. The backbeat of the ever-constant power of the drums is straight from a Deep Purple track. But even with all of that, there is a connection to this year that Robert Plant could never know. I think it honestly is the happiness and hope but also the realization of sadness and anger (so all emotions) that they embody that really proves they are from this year and this year alone. As joyful and carefree as the 60’s and 70’s were, there is no comparing the range of emotions that the public and world feels today, in 2012. Because as happy as I would say society is today, with our huge celebrations and over hype of anything remotely important, there are large amounts of sadness in the world that were not there during the Beatle’s run. The war in Israel has now been going on for 90 years, America destroyed two countries and death is everywhere in our society from mass shootings, to drug overdoses to genocide in far away countries. Celebration Rock seems to address every one of these problems yet remembers the joys that still exist. Even though it was written so early in the year, it seems to address the success America had in attempting to help out our fellow Americans in response to Hurricane Sandy and the promise of more of an attempt to get things done in the government. The Japandroids had no idea either of those things would happen, but it is as if they knew the public well enough to predict that there is still so much good in America and the world. I honestly feel like there is not much to say about the album. It rocks, and it rocks hard. You can head bang and mosh and scream along the lyrics if you’re a punk head or if the Rolling Stones are your favorite band: it doesn’t matter. And that’s really the album, musically at least. But it truly means much more than that and that’s what is needed from a rock anthem of the year.


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