3. channel ORANGE- Frank Ocean


How many people do you know that can hear “A tornado flew around my room before you came, excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn’t rain…” then instantly be able to sing along to the rest of this song before they even realize what they are doing? If your answer is nearly everybody, then you are correct. Frank Ocean took the world by storm this summer and released one of the most over played, over hyped, and most talked about albums that have ever come out in my time of listening to music. And guess what. I am not in any way trying to be negative (well maybe a little, I heard this album A LOT this summer). There are quite legitimate reasons it was played so much and number one is that it reaches every kind of music fan. This album has songs of love, songs for the bros and songs for parties. And if someone likes the worst of radio music or the edgiest drone music, they all can still find something they enjoy about this album. If overhyping an album because it reaches too many people and too many different kinds of people is what the world is coming to. Well. I guess I can live with that. For a while I was furious that Frank Ocean was getting so much hype though. At the time I thought the album was good, but not good enough to be played non-stop for three weeks running (which is something I encountered quite a lot). I just didn’t realize that so many different people were doing what my group of friends was doing. As I began to read up on ol’ Franky, I began to realize, that the vast majority of the nation was doing the same thing. I knew ghetto kids who thought he had the most swag out there. I knew rich kids who usually were too good for rap that thought Frank Ocean was the second coming of Michael Jackson. And really, both of those groups are right. Frank Ocean has more swag then he knows what to do with and very well could take over the title of “King Of Pop” from Mr. Jackson. The world is his oyster and he tells the world that with his latest work. He knew before it even dropped he would get this popular I think, and he was ready. The biggest thing to come out of OFWGKTA, he now has his sights on winning multiple Grammy’s, selling out Madison Square Garden and a whole lot of things he couldn’t have done if he didn’t reach so many people.

I can’t say how many times I heard “Super Rich Kids” this summer. “Too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce” was constantly stuck in my head for a good three weeks this summer as I heard it twice a day at least.  I guess if I counted up every time I got into a car that had an aux chord, every time I walked into a party and every time I went to someone’s house and they were playing music, then added up every time I listened to the album on my own, finally the number of times I heard that song this summer can be reached. That’s how much this album was spammed. But that’s also how much this album was loved and still is. And that’s why it’s my third album of the year. I can remember so many things from this summer, simply by listening to a track off this album. More memories than I care to remember are solely associated with this album and with Frank Ocean himself. I always try and find a summer album and around the end of July I was sad that I did not have one yet. But around September, after everyone had left for school, I looked back on this memorable summer and realized, Frank Ocean had made the album of the summer and I hadn’t even noticed. It had been so ingrained into the summer it felt like it had always been there and was written to be our sound track. Once I came to that revelation all doubt in my mind that channel ORANGE would be a top three album vanished. I had to give love to the album that will help me remember my last summer as a child before college. I had to give love to the album that led me through hard and good times easier than a bowl of ice cream. It was a comfort album and a fun album all wrapped into one, and that is a special thing to find in an album of any kind of genre.


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