20. Until the Quiet Comes- Flying Lotus


The sounds that Steven Ellison can make just blow my mind every time I hear them. The creativity and genius that he must possess in order to make such wondrous noises is out of this world. Until The Quiet Comes continues that trend and like all Flying Lotus albums, takes Ellison’s work to the next level. The bass and electronic sounds and the interesting melodies are all there on this album, but this time, some eerie vocals are added. Thom Yorke has a feature on  “Electric Candyman” and Erykah Badu is on “See Thru to U,” which add an element of mysticism mostly because the vocals are inaudible, but clearly there. Fly Lo is always attempting new and more marvelous things and this album, full of various genres (everything from trap to hip-hop to jazz to electro house to droneish kinds of music) is just the next step in the amazing growth of Steven Ellison.

“Putty Boy Strut and “Sultan’s Request” are easily my favorite tracks and that is another new dimension that was added to this new Fly Lo album, which is having tracks that can stand alone. Usually a Flying Lotus track must be heard in conjecture with every other track. But these two are so unique and funky they honestly can be played in a party setting without the album surrounding it. “Sultan’s Request” has the filthiest bass of the year and no matter what medium it is listened to on (head phones, stereo or car radio) the bass vibrates your very soul and becomes a part of your being. “Putty Boy Strut” is the opposite, instead of being bass heavy, it has a neat little melody repeated constantly throughout the intro of the song that is then followed by a trap like beat, the furthest Fly Lo gets into trap on the entire album. Over all, Flying Lotus never disappoints and one day, he will win a Grammy, just like he has always wanted.


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