18. Skelethon- Aesop Rock


I guess the first place to start with a review about Aesop Rock or Ian Bavitz (his birth name) has to be with his voice and unique ability to deliver his raps. The rhymes he comes up with are some of the best and most ingenious I have ever heard, “Twelve or ghetto blaster black or technicolor telecaster lecture at a faster rate than the class was making them develop backwards,” is a nice example of some of his skill. Those words just flow together so well, and his ability to pick the perfect words to fit intricately together is a skill that few rappers have that is on par with Bavitz. On top of the rhymes, he delivers them in such a way that he makes the words sound so distinctive that he almost sounds like he is teaching a phonics class through his raps and rhymes. His percussive style works perfectly with the tone and feeling that he can put on his voice at any given time. He just sounds so incredibly serious that anything he says I feel like I need to listen to about 19 times before I truly get the full meaning behind what he is trying to tell me. And he has a lot to say, a man who has been through a serious depression, Bavitz understands life better than most and a lot of his raps address life and his experiences. Recently one of his closest friends passed away and this album has a lot of themes surrounding his feelings after the travesty. Another thing to know about Bavitz is that he is a well-educated man. He graduated from Boston University and that is more than a lot of rappers can say. His intelligence is unprecedented and sometimes it’s a bit intimidating. Luckily, his use of some very percussive and hard hitting beats allow the listener to take a break from his astuteness and regroup before the next heavy track. Skelethon is just such a successful album and it all starts with Bavitz’s intellect that I think this album is one of the most underappreciated things in the rap game today.


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