17. Control System- Ab- Soul


Black Hippy is one of the most consistent and talented rap groups of the rap game right now, and I would say that Ab-Soul is the most underrated of the group. His first commercial release, Control System, was also probably the most underrated album of the year. Many a list I saw it as an honorable mention or not making it at all. I just can’t understand that because Ab-Soul is too intelligent of a rapper and Control System is too good of an album not to find itself on every list. I enjoy the creative beats he uses which are very experimental and new. They include the jazzier kinds of beats Kendrick Lamar uses, but also have some trap influences and electronic parts as well. He also has great features that appear at the perfect times. But the beats are not what is important on this album. Ab-Soul’s message is. Not only does he continue of the message of HiiiPower and the idea of gathering the nation behind the plan of unity, he discusses the failures of the American government to reach out and help our impoverished and suffering. Multiple choruses involve “motherfucking the government” because they have been so useless lately. That’s refreshing honestly, to see a rapper that involved in politics. Ab- Soul is not overbearing either, he has plenty of tracks that talk about classic hip-hop themes of fucking bitches and doing drugs. And that’s what’s so great about this album. The combination of seriousness and fun, mixing together to show how important both themes are. So my respect for both Ab-Soul and Black Hippy increased a lot after listening to this album and I look forward to any Black Hippy release in the future.


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