16. Yellow & Green- Baroness


The real reason I ended up listening to Yellow & Green was the awesome album artwork. If there is one thing I have learned in my years of listening to music, if an album has sweet artwork, the chances of it being a good listen multiply exponentially. This album is a great example of that. An album of “genre hopping” from metal, to good ol’ rock n roll that even has some attempts at a disco beat here and there, Baroness really out did themselves with a meticulous and well put together album. I am reminded of Led Zeppelin, but in new age kind of way. There are flowing guitar parts, slow and subtle that are composed alongside the heavier, complicated guitar parts that are such a part of metal. John Baizley has one of the best metal voices I have ever heard with his deep, father like voice. I can just picture him with the biggest axe and beard, ready to cut down a tree or criminal whichever crosses his path first. The music is just the kind you want to listen to when you’re embarking on a mission, of anything really. It is a powerful feeling that one gets when listening to this album. Just the right of emotion and vigor are felt in Baizley’s voice and the driving guitar and beating of the drums is the perfect anthem for mission worthy activities. Baroness creates music that seems simple on the surface but on that third or fourth listen, it becomes obvious how painstaking their attention to detail is. All the guitar parts are tight; the singing fits perfectly, in sync with every thing else that is going on. It’s a metal album, but also an album full of surprises and I think that’s why I like it so much. It allows me to expand my horizons to great lengths all under the tag of a “metal” album.


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