14. R.A.P. Music- Killer Mike


It is so nice to have such energy being thrown back into southern rap. The loud bass, the funky sounding synth sounds and the aggressive style of delivering the raps have been missing from the rap game in my opinion and Killer Mike is a great example of every one of those skills that are needed for classic southern rap. What makes this album so good though, is the unbreakable way he delivers songs. “Ronald Reagan” is an impeccable example of his violent and percussive style of rapping. Not to mention Killer Mike goes very, very political, discussing the errors Regan did in office and how even Bush was emulating his tactics, discussing the manhunt for Kaddafi that both men participated in. So with the combination of the anger in Killer Mike’s voice and the explosive topic he chose to rap about, “Ronald Reagan” is one of the most thought provoking songs of the year. Killer Mike ends one of his verses on that song with “I’m glad Regan dead.” I don’t care who you are or what your political views are, that is a pretty inflammatory thing to say, but Killer Mike seems to not care. Which honestly, makes me respect him even more. He also delves into topics such as police brutality and the racism associated with police officers and how they target African Americans. It’s an abrasive sound that is created, but it just. Hits. So. Hard. Punching things and screaming are very normal reactions to this album I think. The final song on the album though, wraps up the whole project beautifully and exemplifies all of Killer Mikes skills. “R.A.P. Music” (the closing track) discusses Killer Mike’s lack of religion and how rap music has taken that spot in his life. It also has his classic rough style of rapping to go along with a brash beat with lots going on. If there were a song that represented everything Killer Mike is good at, it would be the closer. It was fun hearing this old, yet new kind of rap music this year and as result I will be heading back into the depths of time to discover if Killer Mike was this good on his earlier work.


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