13. Kaleidoscope Dream- Miguel


In today’s society of hipsters and hippies and bros and gang bangers and swagsters and professionals, finding a genuine suave kind of guy is getting harder and harder to do. Well, look no further than Miguel, a guy so smooth, I would not be surprised if this guy isn’t getting laid right at this very instant, and about once every 10 minutes 24 hours a day. Or at least he could if he wanted to. That’s how much charm this guy exudes. I refuse to go as far as saying that Miguel is the reincarnation of Marvin Gaye, but Miguel clearly took some direct lessons from Gaye on how to make the sexiest kind of music. “Adorn” is an excellent example of the repertoire of moves at his disposal. It has the perfect, sexy funk that makes it fun to move your body too, but it also has that little yip Miguel is constantly doing, almost like a call to all women that he is ready to give them his loving. I have yet to try playing this around a girl, mostly because I fear it may be too potent and all they will want to do is go and find Miguel and rip the clothes off him. And I can’t have that happening. Maybe I am projecting my feelings too much here. I mean I would love nothing more than to be as sensual as Miguel comes across on Kaleidoscope Dream. For God sakes, he says the words; “I wanna do you like drugs,” on “Do You…” Just say that out loud to yourself right now. It sounds absolutely ridiculous. Ahh, but now, go listen to “Do You…” and hear Miguel say it. Not so ridiculous any more is it? I rest my case. Miguel just knows women, it’s as simple as that and his music is just him bragging about his God given skill.


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