12. Swing Lo Magellan- The Dirty Projectors


Diverse. Haunting. Beautiful. Complicated. Brilliant. Basically you can play think of any descriptive words that apply to music and they probably apply to this album. I love the intricacies and the breakdowns. I love the swell of the guitar and the lull of the faint vocals that contrast each other quite charmingly. I especially love the huge variances between songs with the screeching to whispering of the many different kinds of vocals that appear on the album. An almost modern day Yes, the changes in time signatures and the creative way bass lines and melodies are interchanged created a new found love in me for the Dirty Projectors this year. But their ability to go back to the basics of music was what really impressed me. The title track, “Swing Lo Magellan,” is my favorite track by far, and it’s easily the plainest track off the album. Plain only on the surface however, the flowing melody, plucked out on acoustic guitar is very reminiscent of Crosby Stills & Nash, but they would never have attempted to have the incredible walking bass line that accompanies the melody anywhere near their tracks. It’s those things like complicated bass lines and creative production tactics that sell this album and make it an album worth listening to again and again.


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