11. 151a- Kishi Bashi


Shoot. I just get so god damn happy when I hear Kishi Bashi’s 151a. There is just such a lightness and elusive feeling to the album that makes one think of summer fields full of flowers, but also the end of winter and the coming of something new and eternal. If those poetic terms aren’t enough for me to show how happy this album is, then clearly I am not trying hard enough. I am genuinely trying hard to not exaggerate any more in my reviews and this album really truly does create a feeling of euphoria. K Ishibashi has such a wonderfully joyful voice that he throws down with an unlimited amount of combinations of strings and guitars and drum machine sounds. It’s a very full production that makes one reminisce of a kind of Graceland and Vampire Weekend super combo. But I think what truly makes this album so great are the very positive sounding melodies. Full of major chords and rising chord progressions, the whole sound of the album is what has stuck with me after each time I have listened to it. Not to mention, the songs have their own unique way of becoming an earworm and staying catchy time and time again after each listen. “Manchester” and “Bright Whites” just are memorable enough that after the first listen, I was able to go back and sing along almost immediately. And that is what makes a great album: the ability to sing along only after one listen. Classics have to be able to be sung along to and 151a has that capacity.


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