Wavvy- Mykki Blanco


Easily one of the most exciting tracks of the year, “Wavvy” hits hard. And when I say hard, its not a heavy sounding kind of hard or a dark or foreboding kind of hard. It creates a creepy kind of feeling when it hits you. The pointed synthesizer that is the beat for the chorus can just as easily give someone shivers, as it is to create a “wavy” kind of feeling. Aside from that, the track is actually really fun to listen after it’s been listened to a couple times and the surprises of the song are not so surprising anymore. The beat becomes infectious and the raspy voice of Mykki Blanco becomes almost sweet the more this track gets played. In all honesty, that’s why this is a top track of the year, because of that beautiful replay value of the song as it gets better the more times its listened to.

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