Turn It Around- The Men


Oh my gosh. Please go listen to this song right now if you have never heard it. Please. Please. This song represents the happiest moment of all of 2012 for me. Me and Ruben had been separated at Pitchfork for about 2 hours and I was beginning to wish that we had not separated simply because I wanted to enjoy a little bit more of this awesome show together. Well, he called me from The Men and told me to get down there because they were playing the Rolling Stones or something. Knowing this was a little ridiculous, but not ridiculous enough for it to not be true, I hustled over. And lo and be hold, the minute I got there, “Turn It Around” began to play. It was the only song I knew by the Men and the only song I truly wanted to see played that day. So as I began to jump up and down and freak out, Ruben appeared from nowhere and tackled me in a flying hug. We jumped up and down, arms around each other and screamed “I WANNA SEE YOU TURN IT AROUND” in each other’s faces as we ecstatically reveled in our reunion. Best. Moment. Of. 2012. Oh yeah, its also the best rock song of the year if I wasn’t clear enough.

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