One of my absolute favorite songs of all time is “Limit To Your Love.” BBNG does a beautiful rendition of it jazz style. Regretfully, I don’t even like the original of this song very much (by Feist). James Blake is who sold me on the track and I fell in love with him through his version of this song. The same goes for BBNG. If I had never heard their version of “Limit To Your Love,” who knows if I would have ever realized what a sweet band they are. Like all good covers, BBNG keeps a good portion of the original song: the crashing piano that carries the melody and the over all feeling of darkness to the song that can be found in any version of it. But to add their own creativity to it, the wandering bass line that they have throughout the song brings a little happiness and lightness to an otherwise dark track and in my opinion, makes it all the better. It’s a mixture of jazz and the type dubstep that James Blake is associated with and I cannot think of a better combination.


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