Damn Bruh Bruh, I Love KeKe- KeKe the Adopted Tabby Cat feat. Lil B


You may be wondering why I included one of the absolute worse songs of the year on my list. Well, for the same reason that I consider Lil B as one of the geniuses of our generation, I respect what he stands for more than the “music” he releases and I had to honor him in some way. “Damn Bruh I Love KeKe” (not even sure if that’s the real title) is a terrible song. It is a chaotic beat mixed with feedback and garbage noises with the sounds of a cat purring and meowing over the track. But one must look deep inside of Lil B to realize; his basedness has just been taken to a new level. He realized he had revolutionized the rap game so much, that there was only one avenue left open to him: featuring animals on his songs, or in this case, get featured by an animal. Now most will scoff at Lil B for this decision, but I respect his boldness, and as bad as the track is, Lil B’s message is still taking the hearts and minds of people everywhere, and for good reason. He understands more about life than he is given credit for, and his attempt to have fun and be a little ballsy by featuring himself on KeKe’s track proves he still is not finished wowing the great minds of society that do not truly appreciate him.


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