Constant Conversations- Passion Pit


This song was there for me for about every difficult time for me during the end of the summer and beginning of the school year. I had a girl I liked who did not return my affections, not to mention almost every single one of my friends were going to college, leaving me behind to go to UNM. I was conflicted about every minute of the day, but every time I listened to this peaceful song (and watched the creepy video that accompanied it) I felt a little better about life. That intro of the keyboard and the electronically enhanced female voice right at the begging of the song still attempts to bring tears to my eyes as I remember the beginning of this school year and how hectic it was. Michael Angelakos’ way he just pitches up his voice to attack the chorus of “Oh oh ohhhhhhhhh’s” was just so powerful for me then, and still really speaks to me, even now. The song just leaves me with a feeling of disappointed satisfaction, about how the song ends, so quickly and suddenly, and about life in general.


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