3. Oldie- OFWGKTA


My absolute favorite music video I have ever seen was for “Oldie.” Basically, all of OFWGKTA is running around a recording studio, half rapping, half messing around, while jumping about and having a good time shooting a video. Watching those kids having the time of their lives while doing something they love just jerks at my heartstrings. The whole idea of OFWGKTA really is awesome. A bunch of kids, wanting to form a brother hood, get together to rap and skate. It’s something that I think that everyone can attest to wanting to do at least once in his or her lives. I mean my friends and I had our own little squad only months after we heard about Odd Future and it was one of the most fun times I can remember having. But, like all things, we drifted apart and stopped hanging out together as much. I respect Odd Future for staying true to their identity and to still trying to be them, even in the midst of the commercialization of their whole image. “Oldie” represents their attempt and success at staying young at heart and remembering that even while getting rich and famous, friends and brothers always come first.


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