2. Goldie- A$AP Rocky


Ok, if “Mercy” is the anthem of the year, “Goldie” is the party anthem of the year. I can listen to this song no matter where I am or how I am feeling and I am ready to just be surrounded by people, going crazy, partying and having a good time. “Goldie” is just the kind of song people want to get turnt up to. It’s not a particularly complicated or fancy song and the meaning is quite obvious (go fucking crazy, do coke and have a good time) but every year needs a song like this. I first knew this would be one of my songs of the year when it was the first song in my iTunes and every time I would leave my computer on at night and open it the next morning, “Goldie” would play for some reason. I never could figure out why but every morning this summer I would wake up, hear this song and I would be ready for my day to begin. Hearing a song as good as “Goldie” every day really imprints it into your brain and that is exactly what happened with “Goldie” to me.


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